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Posted By: denNorske - 2019-10-27

Christmas opening!

Server will reopen again this christmas! Join your friends between December 1st 2019 and January 10th 2020!
You can check out our old forum for new topics: Click here

Posted By: denNorske - 2018-11-29

Christmas opening!

Server will reopen for christmas! Join us between December 22nd 2018 - January 10th 2019 for reunion with your old friends and the nostalgia of SA-MP!

Posted By: denNorske - 2018-01-16

Important announcement:
The server will close at 15th of May 2018. We are encouraging all users to enjoy the last few moments online while the server is still online. Everyone should meet up at 15th of may 20:30 GMT+1.
Click here for info

Posted By: Tom - 2017-12-22

This is our new website that has been made custom for us!

If you're looking for unlimited fun, a great community and unique features, you're at the right place. Since 2011 eXtreme StuntinG has turned into one big family, and we're always looking forward to let new players explore our maps and systems. We got (T)DM's, an advanced race system, derbies, 25 000 objects and some breathtaking stuntjumps along with many, many other things. We hope to see you around!

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