Here you are able to find all the rules for everything related to eXtreme StuntinG

Global Rules

  • Nicknames should be the same in-game, on forums and on IRC at all times. You can ask an admin level 7+ for exceptions.
  • Spamming, racism, and flaming are not permitted. Please show respect to all members
  • Do not discuss, promote or judge religion. It doesn't belong here
  • Illegal links to pornography, warez, and illegal downloads are not permitted. Posting anything of the nature will result in a ban

Forum Rules

Main Rules

  • The only language to be spoken in the chat box is English
  • Each user is limited to one account. All duplicate accounts will be deleted along with any posts made by them
  • Be sure to read the stickied posts in the forum before posting
  • All posts made to a thread should be related to the thread. Driving a thread off-topic may result in your post being deleted
  • If a moderator removes any part of your signature or one of your posts, respect the decision and do not re-add the removed material
  • All topics and posts must be made in the English language as long as it's not on a specific language board. If a newbie posts a topic in another language, you can leave a reply in his language though
  • The main body of all posts should be in black text, white background and with a reasonable sized font
  • Do not quote entire posts unless it is absolutely necessary to your reply
  • Avoid flooding the Chat box
  • Account signatures, personal text or other, should not contain anything (possibly) offensive or inappropriate. This includes insults, pornographic content, or inappropriate statements. An admin is capable of judging the signatures
  • Useless quoting of entire topics should be avoided, unless needed. Pyramid quoting (Quoting many quotes in a row) is NOT allowed
  • Breaking any of these rules or any of the forum rules, getting more than three warnings or abusing of your powers will lead to a ban from the forums

Unban Rules

  • Under no circumstances you are allowed to post in a ban appeal or admin report, unless you were directly involved with the incident. Anyone who creates an appeal or report is still allowed to post in their thread only, and no one else's
  • Do not ask to the administrators to check on your unban appeal
  • You must explain as much as you can and you also must provide as much proofs as you can
  • Do not lie in your appeal because it will lower your chances of getting unbanned
  • Use the correct format and respect who is posting in your appeal

Game Rules

  • You need a permission from a level 6+ Admin to create a forum game, you can send them a personal message with your idea and he will decide whether to approve or reject your idea
  • You are not allowed to post a new topic in the forum game section without proper approval

Cop Rules

  • The discussions that take place here are not supposed to be seen by any of your friends, since it does not concern them
  • Everyone here is expected to be respectful and mature, which means this section should remain clean and organized at all times
  • Always stick to the topic, going off topic multiple times will earn you a warning from any of the board moderators, or from a cop that is 2 or more ranks higher than you
  • Do not post any topics that are unrelated to cops in this section or anything that isn't related to someone who has posted a cop application (proofs of rulebreaking, etc...)
  • Even though this section can only be viewed by cops, Advertising or sharing illegal links (porn, etc...) is strictly prohibited
  • Please remember to follow the Forum Rules while posting here to ensure that you won't get in any sort of problems

Other Rules

  • Your signature shall not contain large images neither inappropriate content, such as advertisements, pornography, bawdy, warez and etc
  • You can only have two images in your signature, and they should not fill up more than 30-40% of a page on 1920x1080 resolution at 100% zoom. This may lead to a removal of one or more of the images

Server Rules

Main Rules

  • Do not use any kind of cheat, hack or mods - they are not allowed. Visual modifications are allowed, anything else needs specific permission
  • Do not spawn-kill using weapons or vehicles and do not disturb players on spawn points or stunt areas. Go to deathmatches if you want to kill people fairly
  • Do not spam or flood on main chat and do not use offensive language while chatting
  • Do not flood server teleports or commands and do not make /q jokes on main chat
  • Do not death evade and do not block stunt areas spawning big planes or vehicles
  • Do not be racist, you must always respect server admins and players while playing
  • Do not advertise bad links,websites or other server IPs
  • Do not ask for cookies,weapons, money or houses, and do not ask to be an administrator
  • You are not allowed to impersonate anyone in our community
  • Always listen to your superiors. If you are told that something isn't allowed, refrain from doing it again. If you have a feeling that what they said was wrong you can always message a manager about it
  • Bug abuse isn't allowed. If done, you risk getting banned
  • Purposefully bugging a player is frowned upon
  • Stats farming is not allowed. For example:
    Two players plan out how to increase stats and help eachother, like increasing kills or score
    A player proposedly doesn't go /AFK when away from keyboard, increasing playtime for certain application requirements.

Deathmatch Rules

  • You are not allowed to death evade, restore your health and armor during a fight and/or exit a DM area and re-enter it just to get full health and armor under any circumstances.
  • You are not allowed to pause your game under any DM, if you are going away from keyboard you must exit the DM first.
  • You are not allowed to camp in any area of a deathmatch or pause your game in order to avoid being killed.
  • Do not flood the chat by asking other players to join a deathmatch, doing so will get you muted. two-three times is enough.
  • We advise to the laggers and players with high pings (600+) not to join the deathmatch areas.

Race Rules

  • You are not allowed to use any kind of hack, cheat or mod that gives you unfair advantages against the other racers, as well as speed hacks, fly hacks or airbreak. Note: Rule 2.1 - 1.
  • Ramming is allowed, but this doesn't mean you can block or destroy a race on own will.
  • If you are concerned about a hacker has a race record, contact a developer to have that fixed.

Parkour Rules

  • /saveplace and /gotoplace is allowed
  • Do not take shortcuts that aren't meant to be there. Be sporty and complete everything (and report it).
  • Killing is not allowed.
  • Destroying destroyable objects are not allowed.

Stunt Areas and Spawnpoint Rules

  • You are not allowed to spawnkill, which is when you kill a player who is in a spawnpoint, during any circumstance.
  • Do not disturb the players who are stunting or driving at a stunt or drift area by ramming them with big vehicles or blocking their ways.
  • Do not spawn big vehicles or planes in the spawnpoints, and also do not try to block it by yourself either.
  • Do not use weapons to annoy players who are in a spawn zone by shooting them, or by throwing grenades or molotovs on them.

Mods Rules

  • You are allowed to use mods on the server as long as they don't break any of the server rules such as mods that give you unfair advantages against other players or mods which will pester us admins. For example texture and weather mods. (ENB series, etc)
  • If an administrator asks you to remove your mod, you should do it without arguing, no matter how simple it might be. A mod is a mod, and if we can see it, it's bad business.
  • If an administrator says that you cannot use such mods, that means you cannot use such mods and period.

Chat Rules

  • You are not allowed to flood or spam in the chat, which means you are not allowed to repeat yourself several times.
  • You are not allowed to use the main chat to start conflicts or to announce unrelated subjects.
  • You may not use any color in the chat.
  • You are not allowed to insult any of the players or administrators, you must show respect to them. (Respect everyone rule in section 1.1)
  • You are not allowed to disrespect anyone's religion.
  • Do not trick players into typing the /q command and do not make fake admin/server messages.
  • Advertising other server IPs or informations, warez, illegal links and anything else that is not related to the server is not allowed. Same goes to private messages containing such content.
  • Religion is not an allowed topic to talk about. This is purely to avoid misunderstandings and disrespect. Play SA-MP to have fun, not to discuss religion.

Gang Rules

  • Gang members must follow the server rules likewise the other players, being member of a gang does not mean that the player is free of following the general server rules.
  • Most gangs are for robbing, eventually they will not like the cops, notwithstanding they must respect the cops, otherwise they will be punished by an administrator. Same goes to the cops.
  • Since most gangs are rivals of cops, they are not allowed to plan attacks against the cops wherever they are, mainly at their base. Same goes to the cops.

Event Rules

  • Disturbing an admin while they're doing an event is not allowed. Doing so will earn you either jail time, a kick or a ban if done excessively.
  • When an event like HNS is being done in an interior, always play fairly and stay inside of the interior (don't go on top of it).
  • Avoid pestering administrators for events.
  • Players are not allowed to do events without the supervision of a level 4+ admin as it can be chaotic when done. There can also be situations where the said player gets accused of not giving out the announced prize.
  • When killed or spawned while in an event, avoid returning. Once you're out, you're out.

Cop Rules

  • Cops must follow the server rules likewise all the players. Being part of our team does not make you immune to the server rules.
  • Cops are not allowed to abuse their commands and features.
  • Cops must be loyal to their team. They must respect their superiors and they also must do their duties correctly.
  • There must be communion between the players on the team. No fighting or arguing is allowed.
  • Cops are allowed to abuse/overuse the eject command.
  • Cops are allowed to rob as much as they want a day, as long as they don't exceed one wanted level. Two or more wanted levels may result in an instant demotion, no exceptions and no excuses.
  • Cops aren't allowed to rob their teammates.
  • Cops are not allowed to use VIP vehicles to chase criminals and vice versa unless they both (cop and criminal) have an agreement.
  • Cops are not allowed to use /goto to rob, and the administrators are not allowed to use their commands to rob either.
  • Cops are not allowed to trick players into typing a teleport to arrest him. It's totally unfair and you can get demoted if you do that. They also aren't allowed to annoy players in PM to give them a ticket or to arrest them.
  • Cops are allowed to suspect a player if he/she is/has:
    • Spawnkilling in any Cop Base, such as ESPD, LSPD, SFPD, or LVPD (Suspect can only be used once).
    • Killing you or other cops (Suspect can only be used once).
    • Evading cops for a long period of time - at least 10-15 minutes (Suspect can only be used once).
    • Using planes or trains to evade for more than ten minutes.
    • Has player in his car who has/hasn't a wanted level and is helping him to escape from cops with boost - If the player who's helping the other has one star, suspect can only be used once; if he has none, suspect can be used twice).
    • Evading with boost, teleports, deathmatches, races while having level 2 wanted (Suspect can only be used once).
    • Evading the cops by using /gohome, by hiding in his/her house, or using /gotoplace (Suspect can only be used once).
    • Keeps banking the amount of money you give him to avoid receiving a ticket (Suspect can only be used once).
    • If the player keeps killing himself not to be arrested or receive a ticket (Suspect can only be used once).
  • Cops are allowed to ask a level 1+ administrators, to help him if the player or the criminal is:
    • Breaking any the server rules.
    • Disturbing or pestering a cop who is whether on duty or off duty.
    • Insulting any cop, or making fun of our faces.
    • Leaving the server while being chased to avoid getting caught.
    • Abusing commands which allow him to get rid of cops, such as /gotoplace, /gohome, /goto, /kill, /quit, /viparea.
    • Abusing VIP features to evade, such as vehicles and teleports.
    • Using planes or trains to evade for more than 10 minutes.
    • Using server bugs not to get caught or killing himself to evade.
    • Command the administrator can use: /spec, /spawn, /slap, /eject, /akill.
  • Cops are allowed to have fun as well, as long as it does not compromise their duties.
  • Regarding IRC:
    • Only cops can join our private channel.
  • Regarding Forum and Application:
    • You can not apply if you're not meeting the requirements.
    • You must not ask cops to check your application, you may get automatically denied if you do that.
  • When chasing a criminal, cops aren't allowed to help each other by one of them being off duty, driving and boosting in order to catch the criminal easily.
  • Cops are not allowed to ticket at events, and criminals are not allowed to rob there.
  • Cops who are members of a clan are not allowed to use their cop status to help their clan members in any way.
  • Cops aren't allowed to stalk a criminal outside their house unless they were chasing that criminal before and he or she evaded by leaving the server.
  • Cops aren't allowed to use /saveplace in order to catch a criminal.
  • Cops are not allowed to /df a player if they aren't chasing him (you have to be at least in his area before you /df).
  • These rules also apply to cops who are temporarily demoted.
  • Cops can't camp (wait) inside a personal vehicle until the criminal does /getcar. However, cops are allowed to enter the car during a chase, or while /ejecting.

Criminal Rules

  • Criminals must follow the server rules like all the other players. Being a criminal or part of a gang doesn't make you immune to them.
  • Criminals must not pester, kill, tease or provoke the cops on duty or server administrators. You can kill cops, but only if you're a part of a cop chase.
  • Under any circumstances criminals aren't allowed to abuse commands or bugs to avoid being chased.
  • Criminals are not allowed to rob in:
    • events
    • /espd (eS Police Department)
  • Criminals are allowed to use /goto to rob.
  • Criminals must try to respect decisions taken by administrators/cops and their actions. They are just doing their duty.
  • Criminals are not allowed to plan attacks against administrators on duty.
  • Criminals are not allowed to trick anyone to get robbed, just like cops who can trick anyone to get arrested.
  • It's not recommended to stalk the police radio through the echo channel on IRC, although everyone can see it. If you get caught doing it for malicious purposes, you may receive a temporary ban from IRC.
  • Administrators are allowed to use their commands to intervene in extreme circumstances related to police chasing or rulebreaking.
  • Along with robbing and being part of clans, comes the rules and responsibilities. If you don't like to follow rules or to be chased by cops, you're in the wrong business.
  • Criminals are not allowed to use the AFK lobby or their houses as a form of evasion.
  • Criminals aren't allowed to purposefully leave the server to evade a ticket or an arrest. Doing so multiple times can lead to the form of punishment judged appropriate.

Admin Rules & Duties

  • Server administrators and moderators must follow the server rules likewise the other players
  • Server administrators must be active, they must show maturity and they must handle with their duties and responsibilities.
  • Server administrators must not abuse their commands to give them unfair advantages against players.
  • Any punishment must be reasonable and within limits. Taking into account past warnings, punishments and behavior.
  • It is expected that an admin shows excellent behavior while playing on the server, using IRC and on the forum.

VIP Rules

  • Although VIPs have extra commands, they're still regular players who have to respect the rules at all times.
  • If any of the rules aren't respected, managers and owners have the right to remove the player's status.
  • Players who have had their status removed are not allowed to reapply or buy back their VIP status unless given a specific time or permission to do so. If they do attempt to buy it back their cash will be refunded.
  • VIPs are not allowed to abuse any of the commands.
  • VIPs are not allowed to disturb stunt zones and secured zones (e.g Cop base) with their vehicles.
  • VIPs are not allowed to use their VIP commands in order to hide from cops.
  • VIPs are not allowed to use VIP vehicles in a chase unless agreed upon with the chaser/chasee (person being chased).
  • Gold VIPs are not allowed to use /vspec for malicious reasons.
  • VIPs are expected to help players whenever they can.
  • Abuse or rulebreak will lead to a removal of the VIP level, no matter if you bought it or not.
  • When the status has been lost there will be no refunds. You are responsible to read the rules.
  • Conversations held in the VIP chat (#) are not to be inappropriate. Normal chat rules apply!
  • VIPs shouldn't annoy or try to bribe an administrator into suggesting them for admin. If attempted, their status will be put in danger.
  • VIPs shouldn't annoy or try to bribe an administrator into suggesting them for admin. If attempted, their status will be put in danger.
    • This includes, but it not limited to Asslicking and lying.
  • Only Managers and Owners have the authority to Accept and Remove VIPs.

Property Rules

  • A player may request maximum 2 house creations a month.
  • In case if someone goes inactive for 3 months without telling us a reason, his house is allowed to be reseted and made available for sale. Under no circumstances these houses can be claimed back.
  • Hijacking a house while it's temporarily sold is strictly forbidden, it opens up the opportunity for punishment if done on purpose.

IRC Rules

Network Rules

  • No talking about racism or nazism;
  • No discussing or spreading illegal copyrighted material such as warez, movies, music;
  • No spamming, advertising;
  • No hacking, cracking;
  • No flooding;
  • No botnets.

General Rules

  • Do not spam or flood
  • Bots are not allowed.
  • Rule 1-3 under Chapter 1 also counts on IRC. (No racism, flood, spam etc)
  • Do not pester any IRC Administrator (%, @, &, ~) by sending them annoying PMs, or by nick alerting them several times.
  • Do not try to impersonate any of our administrators.
  • You are not allowed to use auto-reply script since it causes spam.
  • Please use proper and recognizeable nicknames. An admin level 5+ may judge the name in each situation.
  • eS take no responsibility for any chats that's outside of eS's official channels.

echo Rules

  • Do not abuse or unecessarily spam the IRC commands in any way.

Discord Rules

  • Spamming, flooding, religion and racism not allowed
  • Discord guidelines are to be followed.
  • Do not make unecessary sounds or annoy people in voice chats. Be grownups and avoid silly arguments.
  • Arguments can be stopped by any administrator.
    • If an admin is a part of the argument, a Head Administrator (blue) and above can interfere.
    • Failing to stop the argument ends up with a punishment to all sides. The admin(s) that's responsible, may do their own judgements.
  • Mentioning @everyone and @here, or entire groups unecessarily is NOT allowed. Respect that people may get annoyed.
  • eS take no responsibility for any chats that's outside of eS's official channels.

Whatsapp Rules

General Rules

  • Members may request membership on WhatsApp by contacting an Owner or Manager.
  • Spamming, religion, flooding and racism not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to unecessarily mention people with "@".
  • Nudidity and sexual content should NOT to be posted. This is highly inappropriate, as many users are below the age of 16.
  • Respect the admins and warnings you may get.
  • eS take no responsibility for any chats that's outside of eS's official channels.