Very Important Player

Very Important Players are also known as VIP's on the community. VIP's has access to more commands and features by donating to the server. The VIP's are divided into 3 different levels, stretching from Normal to Gold VIP.

VIP is the first step in the process of being an administrator later. All administrators has to pass through a VIP phase before being suggested.

Gold VIP (level 3)

Gold VIP's are the highest ranking VIP's. They have access to all VIP features.

Available features

  • Your name will have a golden color on forums
  • Granted access to a private VIP Section on forums
  • Access to a private VIP channel on IRC
  • You will have a few limited admin features, such as spectate...

Available commands

  • /vgoto - Teleports you to anyone without swapping cookies
  • /vminigun - Gives yourself a minigun within 1000 ammo for $100,000
  • /vrocket - Gives yourself a rocket launcher within 50 ammo for $100,000
  • /vspec and /vspecoff - Allows you to spec anyone
  • /hug - Hugs the selected player
  • /poop - Poops on the selected player
  • /vhealth - Refills your health for $5,000
  • /varmour Refills your amour for $1,000
  • ++ Perhaps a few more if not added here..

Silver VIP (level 2)

Silver VIP's are given to the lowest level of donation, which is currently 5 euros. Silver VIP's have access to all Normal VIP features + a few more.

Available features

  • You can have your name changed to Silver on forums
  • You have access to a private section on forums
  • You have access to a private channel on IRC

Available commands

  • /vweather - Changes your in game weather without swapping cookies
  • /vtime - Changes your in game time without swapping cookies
  • /vweaps - Gives you a kit of weapons for free
  • /vgrenade - Gives you give grenades for $1,000
  • /vme - Displays a cyan action message to everyone in the main chat (* VIP Skeenky [text] )
  • /af - Enables / Disables Anti bike falloff-mode. Available for Silver VIP's that are passengers as well
  • /vsay - Displays a cyan message to everyone in the main chat (*** VIP Skeenky: )

Normal VIP (level 1)

Normal VIP's haven't donated, but gained their level through making an application on forums. They have filled the requirements, and have been counted as "trusted" members of the community.

Available features

  • You have your name changed to cyan on forums
  • You have access to a private section on forums, only for VIP's
  • You have access to a private channel on IRC
  • # (chat) - VIP Chat in-game

Available commands

  • /vcmds - Shows you the full list of commands
  • /vrules - Opens a dialogue with the rules you must follow. Don't forget /rules
  • /vcolor - Changes your name color to cyan (VIP Color)
  • /varea - Teleports yourself to the private VIP Area
  • /vcars - Opens a box containing all the special vehicles you can spawn

Donation prices

  • Gold VIP: 10 Euros
  • Silver VIP: 5 Euros
  • Normal VIP: free

How to donate

VERY important: Do never donate to anything except the links below. Owners will only accept messages on forums, to avoid scam. They will never contact you on facebook or from IRC.

When you have made a successful donation - make sure to message an owner on forums